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The Marta School was founded in 2002 by Inga Lindgren Nsubuga. The support organisation is a not-for-profit association that operates from Sweden, with the purpose of collecting funds for the school.

We also strive to help the school practically, for example through donating and shipping school materials. The school is situated in Mukono outside of Uganda’s capital Kampala and today has around 300 students in the ages between 12-18 years. The students come from four different regions in Uganda with different languages, and the education is therefore carried out in English. The students are educated in all compulsory subjects, as well as in practical subjects such as growing crops and how to compost and reuse waste.

The school’s board and teachers consist of well-educated Ugandans that represents the various regions of the country. In addition to the teachers, the school has great benefit from so called “guardians”, which consists of the student’s relatives and others, that help out with practical education and food.

The education gives increased opportunities to young people that otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to go to school. The school degree gives the students a good foundation to build on and enables further studies or employment. Through educating more young people we also help their families, as well as contributing to increased employment and decreased poverty in the Ugandan society.

Uganda has around 40 million inhabitants, and out of these around 2,5 million are orphan kids and teenagers. This means that 6 % of the population are orphans.

You or your organization can contribute to a brighter future for young people in Uganda, and through that for the whole country. Donate a contribution, big or small to:
Postgiro 90 04 40-9
Bankgiro 900-4409

You can also donate via Swish on these numbers: 9004409 eller 1230911552.

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